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WiSe 21/22: Computer Science

Bachelor's programme in Computer Science (150 cp, 2002 study regulations)

    • Algorithms and Programming I 0086aA1.1
    • Algorithms and Programming II 0086aA1.2
    • Algorithms and Programming III 0086aA1.3
    • Algorithms and Programming IV 0086aA1.4
    • Software Lab 0086aA1.5
    • Database Systems 0086aA1.6
    • Software Technology 0086aA1.7
    • Network Programming 0086aA1.8
    • Computer Structures 0086aA2.1
    • Computer Organization 0086aA2.2
    • Physical/Electro-technical Fundamentals of Computer Science 0086aA2.3
    • Hardware Internship 0086aA2.4
    • Computer Architecture 0086aA2.5
    • Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science 0086aA3.1
    • Development and Analysis of Algorithms 0086aA3.2
    • Mathematics for Computer Scientists I 0086aA4.1
    • Mathematics for Computer Scientists II 0086aA4.2
    • Mathematics for Computer Scientists III 0086aA4.3
    • Specialization Module (Lecture) 0086aA5.1
    • Specialization Module (Seminar) 0086aA5.2
    • Specialization Module (Project) 0086aA5.3
    • Physics for Natural Scientists 0086aK1.1
    • Physics Internship for Natural Scientists 0086aK1.2
    • Computer-Oriented Mathematics I 0086aK2.1
    • Stochastics I 0086aK2.2
    • Statistics for Computational Biologists 0086aK3.1
    • Algorithmic Bioinformatics 0086aK3.2

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