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WiSe 21/22: Psychology

Core subject Psychology (current study regulations)

    • Cognitive and Experimental Psychology 0281cA1.1
    • Biopsychology 0281cA1.2
    • Social Psychology 0281cA1.3
    • Differential and Personality Psychology 0281cA1.4
    • Developmental Psychology 0281cA1.5
    • Experimental Psychology 0281cA1.6
    • Introduction to Psychology 0281cA2.1
    • Research Methods 0281cA2.2
    • Statistics 0281cA2.3
    • Empirical Experimental Research Project 0281cA2.4
    • Foundations of Psychological Assessment 0281cA2.5
    • Assessment Methods 0281cA2.6
    • Clinical Psychology 0281cA3.1
    • Health Psychology 0281cA3.2
    • Organizational and Economic Psychology 0281cA3.3
    • Work and Organizational Psychology 0281cA3.4
    • Advanced Topics: Applied Psychology 0281cA3.5
    • Neurocognitive Psychology 0281cA3.6
    • Related Subjects for Psychiatry 0281cA4.1

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