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WiSe 21/22: Master's programmes

Public Economics

  • International Macroeconomics

    • 10141326 Methods Tutorial
      International Macroeconomics (Ü) (Ali Reza Rahimi)
      Schedule: Di 16:00-18:00 (Class starts on: 2021-11-02)
      Location: Online - zeitABhängig
    • 31603 Advanced Seminar
      International Macroeconomics (Theocharis Grigoriadis)
      Schedule: Di 14:00-16:00 (Class starts on: 2021-10-19)
      Location: Online
  • Current Research Questions on International Fiscal Policy

    • 33230 Seminar
      Finance and Development: Case Studies (Barbara Fritz)
      Schedule: Di 18:00-20:00 (Class starts on: 2021-10-19)
      Location: Der erste Termin findet ONLINE-zeitABhängig statt. Ab der 2. Sitzung in Präsenz (Raum 201). Zudem: Blocktermin geplant.
    • Advanced Microeconomics 0258aA1.1
    • Advanced Macroeconomics 0258aA1.2
    • Welfare Economics 0353aA1.3
    • Taxation Theory and Policy 0353aA1.4
    • Empirical Public Economics and Economic Policy 0353aA1.5
    • Tax Effects and Tax Planning 0334aB3.1
    • Social Protection 0353aB1.3
    • Einkommensteuerrecht 0353aB1.4
    • Issues of Public Economics 0353aB3.5
    • Microeconometrics 0258aB3.1
    • Collective Labour Law 0349aA1.4
    • Labour Economics 0353aB2.1
    • Information Economics 0258aB1.1
    • Advanced Public Choice 0353aB3.1
    • Regulation of Companies 0353aB3.2
    • Design of Economic Systems 0353aB3.3
    • Advanced Econometrics 0258aA1.4
    • Economic Growth (advanced) 0258aB1.4
    • Monetary and Fiscal Policy 0258bB2.1
    • International Institutions 0353aB4.3
    • Economic History of the 20th Century 0353aB4.4
    • Suggested additional work 0353aB5.1
    • Current Research Questions on Macroeconomics 0258aC1.2
    • Current Research Questions on Public Economic Theory 0353aC1.1
    • Current Research Questions on Social and Labor Policy 0353aC1.3
    • Current Research Questions on Empirical Public Economics and Economic Policy 0353aC1.5
    • Knowledge Transfer 0353aC1.6
    • Internship/Research Project 0353aD1.1

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