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WiSe 21/22: General Professional Skills for Bachelor's programmes

Skills Area Subejct-Specific Additional Qualifications

  • Introduction to scientific studies and professional presentations in economics

    • 10121212 Project Seminar
      Basic academic skills (Anne-Kristin Dobschin, Heike Lennard, Karin Reese, Brigitte Wangnet-Diler)
      Schedule: Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2022-03-21)
      Location: Online - zeitABhängig
    • Betriebswirtsch. Berufsfelder (ABV) 0300aA1.1
    • Event Internship (Professional Internship GPS) 0300aA1.2
    • DATEV-Kurs 0172aA1.7
    • Business Game 0300aA1.7
    • Business Studies and Gender 0172aA1.11
    • Programming for Economic Scientists 0172aA1.12

Subjects A - Z