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WiSe 12/13: Model European Union

Peggy Wittke



The EU-Afganistan Partnership beyond 2014

Berlin, 4-5 October 2012

At the NATO-Summit in Chicago in May 2012, the deadline for complete withdrawal of all NATO-troops was set: 31 December 2014. The EU has signalled to remain "one of Afghanistan's most important international partners". Negotiations on a new EU-Afghanistan Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development (CAPD) have commenced covering all sectors of mutual interest, most notably security and reconstruction.

Yet, what the new partnership will actually consist of remains unclear.

Apply now to discuss the new partnership together with young diplomats from AFGHANISTAN!
There will be two mandatory preparation meetings on 11 September (11.00-12.30h) and 2 October 2012 (16 - 18h). Conference language will be English. Students from all faculties are invited to apply! It is possible to receive 10 ECTS-credits.

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