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SoSe 13: Production of biological samples in biophysics

Ramona Schlesinger


Blockkurs vom 17.-21.09.2012, täglich von 9-18 Uhr, Anmeldung bis zum 31.07.2012 Email: r.schlesinger@fu-berlin.de 6 Teilnehmer Practical exercises: -molecular biological techniques e.g. transformation of bacteria with plasmids in preparation of expressing a membrane protein -cultivation of bacteria to express the protein -purification of membrane proteins by affinity chromatography -amplification of DNA by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) -analysis of DNA with enzymes and agarose-gel-electrophoresis and analysis of proteins on SDS-gels. Zielgruppe Master students, diploma strudents and PhD students with interest in generating their biological samples by themselves for biophysical investigations Schließen

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