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SoSe 21: Zellfreie Synthese von Membranproteinen

Stefan Kubick

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The practical course “cell-free synthesis of membrane proteins” provides an overview on the production of functional membrane proteins. Methods for the generation of DNA- and RNA-templates suitable for transcription and translation in cell-free systems will be emphasized, with reference to prokaryotic and eukaryotic in vitro translation systems. The course covers specific case studies on “difficult-to-express” proteins. Labeling of membrane proteins by the incorporation of non-canonical amino acids will be explored in detail and the course concludes with a “hands-on-training” in the preparation of glycoproteins and posttranslationally modified membrane proteins in novel cell-free systems. This course includes pdfs to each segment.

Dr. S. Kubick: stefan.kubick@izi-bb.fraunhofer.de Schließen

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