SoSe 21  

SoSe 21: Interdisziplinär

Masterstudiengang Planetary Sciences and Space Exploration (StO 2022)

    • Geological Foundations 7170aA1.1
    • Computational Methods 7170aA1.2
    • "Physical and Mathematical Foundations " 7170aA1.3
    • Introduction to Planetary Sciences and Planet Formation 7170aB1.1
    • Principles of GIS and Remote Sensing 7170aB1.2
    • Planetary Physics 7170aB1.3
    • Planetary Atmospheres and Climate 7170aB1.4
    • Insights into Current Research 7170aB1.5
    • Insights into the Professional and Research Landscape 7170aB1.6
    • Planetary Exploration: Space Missions 7170aC1.1
    • Planetary Exploration: Methods and Instrumentation 7170aC1.2
    • Planetary Surface Processes and Morphology 7170aC1.3
    • Advanced Remote Sensing of the Earth 7170aC1.4
    • Introduction to Advanced Geodata Analysis 7170aC1.5
    • Celestial Mechanics 7170aC1.6
    • The Outer Solar System 7170aC1.7
    • Magnetospheres 7170aC1.8
    • Satellite-Based Meteorology 7170aC1.9
    • Planetary Evolution and Habitability 7170aC2.1
    • Exoplanets 7170aC2.2
    • Geophysical Modelling of Planets and Moons 7170aC2.3
    • Numerical Methods in Geosciences and Planetary Sciences 7170aC2.4
    • Meteorites and the Formation of Terrestrial Planets 7170aC2.5
    • Laboratory Methods for the Analysis of Planetary Materials 7170aC2.6
    • Planetary Field Trips 7170aC2.7
    • Special Topics in Planetary Sciences 7170aC3.1
    • Special Topics in Space Exploration 7170aC3.2
    • Special Topics in Exploration of Asteroids and other Small Bodies 7170aC3.3
    • Special Topics in Geology 7170aC3.4
    • Special Topics in Atmospheric Sciences 7170aC3.5
    • Special Topics in Remote Sensing 7170aC3.6

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