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SoSe 21: International Relations

International Relations


The MAIB course catalog refers to the information from the relevant departments of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Universität Potsdam and the Freie Universität Berlin as of the reporting day.

Not all changes and information that have been made in the regular course catalog since this key date can be adopted.

Course Catalog Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Course Catalog Universität Potsdam

Registration of Courses

There is no entitlement to participation for IB-relevant courses offered by other departments or institutes such as ethnology, journalism + communication sciences etc. Please note that the admission of foreign students is at the discretion of the lecturers. Please clarify your desired participation in advance with the lecturers.

The registration for MAIB courses are subject to the regular registration deadlines of the departments at HU, UP and FU.

In addition, registration on the electronic e-learning platforms of the universities is important in order to gain access to relevant information and documents (course plans, readers, etc.). The procedures and deadlines set by the respective university or lecturer apply!

The procedures and deadlines set by the respective university or lecturer apply here!

Registration for Courses / Study Organization Portals via:

FU Campus Management

e-Learning Portals:

FU Blackboard
HU Moodle
UP Moodle

Deadlines for Submission of Examination Papers

The deadline for the submission of homework ends on March 31 (WiSe) or on September 30 (SoSe).

Deadline for submission of homework in block seminars: WiSe: 30.04.; SoSe: 31.10..

    • Berufspraxis Master Internationale Beziehungen (240 h) 0015dC1.1
    • Language training 1 0015dC2.1
    • Language training 2 0015dC2.2
    • Language training 3 0015dC2.3
    • Mastermodul FU/HU/UP 1 0015dC3.1
    • Mastermodul FU/HU/UP 2 0015dC3.2
    • Mastermodul FU/HU/UP 3 0015dC3.3
    • Berufspraxis A Doppelmaster (240 h) 0015dC4.1
    • Berufspraxis B Doppelmaster (360 h) 0015dC4.2
    • Core/Basic 0015dD1.1
    • Elective 0015dD1.2
    • Foreign Language 0015dD1.3
    • Master?s Preparation 0015dD1.4
    • Studienphase am Moskauer Staatlichen Institut für Internationale Beziehungen 0015dD1.5

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