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SoSe 21: Master's programmes

Master's programme in Management and Marketing (as of winter semester 2012/13)

    • Grundlagen der empirischen Forschung (Principles of Empirical Research) 0335cA1.1
    • Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communication 0335cA2.1
    • Marketing Case Studies 0335cA2.3
    • Leadership and Organisation 0335cA3.1
    • Human Resource Management 0335cA3.2
    • Strategic Management 0335cA3.3
    • Fallstudien zum Management (Case Studies in Management) 0335cA3.5
    • Marketingtheorie (Marketing Theory) 0335cB1.1
    • Management Theory 0335cB1.2
    • Foreign Language Competence 0335cB1.5

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