204250 Lecture

WiSe 13/14: Production of biological samples in biophysics

Ramona Schlesinger

Information for students

Master students, diploma strudents and PhD students with interest in generating their biological samples by themselves for biophysical investigations

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Blockkurs vom 24.-28.03.2014, täglich von 9-18 Uhr, (max. 6 Plätze; Nachrückerliste: r.schlesinger@fu-berlin.de)


Lectures about how to mutagenise a protein, cloning techniques, expression and purification of proteins will be given prior to the practical exercises in the lab. Practical exercises : -molecular biological techniques e.g. transformation of bacteria with plasmids in preparation of expressing a membrane protein -cultivation of bacteria to express the protein -purification of membrane proteins by affinity chromatography -analysis of DNA and protein preparations by agarose- and SDS-gelelectrophoresis close

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