WiSe 14/15  
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WiSe 14/15: Latin American Studies

Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies

    • Literary and Cultural Representations and Interdependency 111bB1.1
    • Latin America in Global History 111bB1.2
    • Cultural and Social Anthropology of Latin America 111bB1.3
    • Current Crises and Conflicts in Latin America 111bB2.1
    • Latin America as a Laboratory of the Modern Age 111bB2.2
    • Constitution of Brazil 111bB3.1
    • Representations and Interdependencies in Brazil 111bB3.2
    • Transformation and Development of Brazil 111bB3.3
    • Gender Relations and Transformation Processes 111bB4.1
    • Interculturality, Transculturality and Gender Relationships 111bB4.2
    • Translation and Writing Workshop 111bC1.1
    • Final colloquium 111bE1.2
    • Related Module 2 111bH1.2
    • Related Module 3 111bH1.3
    • Related Module 4 111bH1.4

Subjects A - Z