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Global History  

WiSe 14/15: History (Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut)

Global History

First get-together and information session

Dear Students, We would like to invite you to a first get-together and information session on how to organize your studies on Thursday, October 9, 2014, from 10am till 2pm in room A127 (first floor to the left of the main staircase, Koserstr. 20).

Liebe Studierende, am 09.10.2014, 10-14 Uhr findet unter der Leitung von Sebastian Gottschalk eine Einführungsveranstaltung für alle Neuimmatrikulierten des Studienganges statt. Ort: Raum A127, Koserstr. 20 (1. Stock, linke Seite).

    • Problem Areas in 19t and 20t Century History 2 267bA1.2
    • M6: MA module Greek History 394aB1.3
    • M24a: The Formation of Brazil for Global History 394aB2.3
    • M30a: Islamic Intellectual History for Global History 394aB4.3
    • M32a: Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia 394aB5.2
    • M35a: Debates and Methods in African History 394aB7.1
    • M36a: Transformation Processes in Africa 394aB7.2
    • Transregional Concentration 1 394aB8.1
    • Transregional Concentration 2 394aB8.2
    • Module 1: Concentration 394aB9.1
    • Module 2: Concentration 394aB9.2
    • Interdisziplinäreres Modul 1 394aC8.4
    • Interdisziplinäreres Modul 2 394aC8.5
    • Master's Colloquium 394aE2.1

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