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Global History  

WiSe 15/16: History (Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut)

Global History

First get-together and information session
Dear Students, We would like to invite you to a first get-together and information session on how to organize your studies on Thursday, October 8, 2015, from 10am till 2pm in room A127.
Liebe Studierende, am 08.10.2015, 10-14 Uhr findet unter der Leitung von Minu Haschemi Yekani eine Einführungsveranstaltung für alle Neuimmatrikulierten des Studienganges statt. Ort: Raum A127. close
    • M23a: Latin America in a Global Context for Global History 394aB2.2
    • M24a: The Formation of Brazil for Global History 394aB2.3
    • Islamic History for Global History II 394aB4.2
    • M30a: Islamic Intellectual History for Global History 394aB4.3
    • M32a: Cultures and Religions of South and Southeast Asia 394aB5.2
    • M35a: Debates and Methods in African History 394aB7.1
    • M36a: Transformation Processes in Africa 394aB7.2
    • Transregional Concentration 1 394aB8.1
    • Transregional Concentration 2 394aB8.2
    • Module 1: Concentration 394aB9.1
    • Module 2: Concentration 394aB9.2
    • M23b: Latin America in a Global Context 394aC2.2
    • Interdisziplinäreres Modul 1 394aC8.4
    • Interdisziplinäreres Modul 2 394aC8.5

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