21541a Vorlesung

SoSe 15: Computer simulation of biomolecules

Ernst Walter Knapp


1. Inhalt (Content): Introduction: Building principles of biological macromelecules, dynamics of biomolecules Theoretical basis: Interactions of molecules, statistical mechanics, equation of motion Special techniques and applications: Saving CPU-time, energy minimization, normal modes, computation of electrostatic energies, computation of free energies. 2. Literatur: Andrew Leach, Molecular Modeling, Principles and Applications Wesley Longman 1996. 3. Remarks: The lecture is suitable for students of biochemistry, chemistry, physics and mathematics after the bachelor. It provides an introduction and is required to attend the two-week exercise 21 541 b with work stations. It yields the theoretical basis for modeling and computer simulation of biological macromolecules. Schließen

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Di, 21.04.2015 14:00 - 16:00
21541a/b: Vorbesprechung

Prof. Dr. Ernst Walter Knapp

SR 23.02 (Takustr. 3)

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