SoSe 21  
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SoSe 21: Latin American Studies

Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies

    • Contexts and Terminology of Latin American Research 0111bA1.1
    • Methods and Theories of Representation and Interdependency 0111bA2.1
    • Development Theories and Strategies 0111bA2.2
    • Interdisciplinary Theories and Methods in Gender Studies 0111bA2.3
    • Project module I 0111bD1.1
    • Scientific Practice I 0111bD1.2
    • Project module II 0111bD2.1
    • Scientific Practice II 0111bD2.2
    • Related Module 2 0111bH1.2
    • Related Module 3 0111bH1.3
    • Related Module 4 0111bH1.4

Subjects A - Z