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WiSe 12/13: North American Studies

M.A. in North American Studies (2005 study regulations)

    • The Societal and Cultural History of North America 024aA1.2
    • The History of American Thought and Theories of American Culture 024aA2.1
    • Theories and Methods of Political Science (Import) or American Political Theory 024aA4.1
    • Social Systems, Institutions, and Regulations - Meaning and Function 024aA5.2
    • North American Domestic Economic Policy 024aA6.2
    • North American International Economic Policy 024aA6.3
    • Epochs 024aA7.1
    • Culture and Society 024aA7.3
    • Theoretic Linguistics 024aA8.1
    • Languages in North America 024aA8.2
    • Language Policies in North America 024aA8.3

Subjects A - Z